Wedding Invitations

Two people fell in love over endless hours of playing cards. They wanted their wedding invitations to reflect their love of playing cards together. The invitations are designed to resemble a set of playing cards.




Below is an example of other invitations I have designed for various events.




Book Cover/Bookmark

Do you believe in vampires? The power of vampires comes from the fact that people do not believe they are real. Get a glimpse into the Lost Soul of the Black Rose; A Vampire's Confession by Gardy Lawrence to see if you believe in vampires yourself.




Group Tour Collateral

Our sales department uses many materials to promote York County to group tours. I redesigned the group tour profile sheet to be more efficient and easy to look at. Also, I have redesigned the group tour guide, another tool we use. To view the guide, click here.



Mason-Dixon Wine Trail

The wine trail is a year round wine trail in which I design and print brochures for. There are also two events during the year in which I design tickets and posters for. I also help update the website for the wine trail.



York County, PA Travel Guide

Every year the Visitors Bureau produces a travel guide to promote members to potential visitors. I plan photo shoots throughout the year to use in the guide and also plan the photo shoots to make the cover interesting and stand out above the other guides on the rack. To view the guide, click here.